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Iron Chef Pickle Off

One of the highlights of our 2015 Fermentation Festival was this highly competitive pickle-off where creative local chefs & professional picklers shared their secret pickle recipes & competed for the title of best lacto-fermented pickle! The audience had the chance to taste pickles at the same time that our esteemed judges gave tasting notes and everyone voted on their favorite pickle. It was a great success and the results are below. 



our panel of judges & esteemed pickle experts

2015 judges

Michael Bissanti, founder of Four Burgers

Dan Whalen, food blogger at The Food in My Beard

Mary Reilly, editor of Edible Pioneer Valley


2014 judges

Molly Birnbaum, Managing Editor, America's Test Kitchen

Sandor Katz, Fermentation Revivalist and author of 'The Art of Fermentation'

Dan Rosenberg, pickler extraordinaire & founder of Real Pickles

Eva Katz, food blogger & contributor at America's Test Kitchen



Judge's Pick{le} Award

People's Pick{le} Award

** both categories were awarded handcrafted cast metal pickle award

   created by local artist Benjamin Todd of the Stonybrook Fine Arts Center


pickle-off contestants

2015 contestants

Jitti Chaithiraphant of Heritage Vinegar

Nicholas Cox of Lolita Cocina

Jeremy Kean of Whisk Fazenda

William Kovel of Catalyst

**Mark McMann of Little Pig n Potato Pickling Co.**

Mark won both Judge's Pick{le} & People's Pick{le} Award

Matt McPherson of The Frogmore

Mark Saxl of Gracie's Garden

Peter Ungar of Tasting Counter


2014 contestants

Geoff Lukas of Sofra Bakery

Marcos Sanchez of Tres Gatos

Rebekkah Hutton of Alchemy Pickle Company

**David Klingenberger of The Brinery**

David won the Judge's Pick{le} Award

Maddie Elling of Hosta Hill

Matt Virzi of Aurum Restaurant

Craig Fear of Fearless Eating

**Mark Saxl of Gracie's Garden**

Mark won the People's Pick{le} Award

Brendan Joy of Bondir Cambridge



"B r i n e d"

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