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Science Corner

oh yes, at the 2016 Boston Fermentation Festival, we will have a space dedicated to exploring the connections between science & fermentation!


The theme of the science corner will be Food & Human Microbiomes

we will explore what microbes look like, what they do & the diversity of microbes on our bodies and in our foods


we will have a number of Microbiome experts on hand to explore these topics:

Mother Dirt will have their microbial skin products on hand & be prepared to chat about the microbiome on our outer surface

Ginkgo Bioworks will be prepared to talk about microbes and their newest fermented products that they are bringing to market

Benjamin Wolfe of Microbial Foods will have microscopes & other lab gadgets to let you take a closer look at the diversity of microbes living on kimchi, cheese & kombucha

Aeronaut Brewing will be on hand to showcase their soured worts and give tastings.

Joshua Pablo Rosenstock will be playing his Fermentophone, which is a multi­sensory installation in which an electronic musical composition is performed by living cultures of bacteria and yeast.

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