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culture sharing table!

At the 2019 Boston Fermentation Festival  on August 18th, we will have a space devoted to interacting with, learning about & swapping live cultures!


The Culture Sharing Table, sponsored by Cultures for Health, will be a dedicated space at the fest where you can share & swap your beloved mothers & bacterial starters. Think sourdough mothers, vinegar mothers, kombucha & jun SCOBYs, kefir grains & koji spores.


If you have extra cultures or mothers that you can share, please bring them to the Festival for other fermentation enthusiasts! It would be a huge help if you arrived at the fest with your cultures already labeled and divided up into little jars or ziploc bags to give away, but we will have materials for you to subdivide your mothers at the culture sharing table.


Also, consider joining our Boston Culture Sharing Group where you can share tips and cultures on an ongoing basis. 

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