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Fermentation Help Desk

At the 2019 Boston Fermentation Festival, we will have a dedicated desk staffed by knowledgable & distinguished fermentation enthusiasts & experts where you will be able to ask all your burning fermentation-related questions. See the full #FermentationHelpDesk Schedule below. 

Nash_48_crop - S.E. Nash.jpg

10:00 - 10:40am    Kirsten K. Shockey

come ask your questions of a fermented food & drink master!

Kirsten s the coauthor of best-selling Fermented Vegetables, Fiery Ferments and just released Miso, Tempeh, Natto and Other Tasty Ferments. Kirsten and her husband Christopher got their start in fermenting foods twenty years ago on their 40-acre hillside smallholding which grew into their organic food company. When they realized their passion was for the process, they chose to focus on teaching fermentation arts to others. They teach worldwide and host workshops on their homestead in southern Oregon. You can find her on Instagram at or online at

11:00am - 12:00pm Jane Chapin 

koji koji koji!

Jane is a Boston-area native, teacher, and runner. When she's not experimenting with new lessons in her classroom, Jane is in the kitchen, trying new things. She learned about the value of fermented foods & fermenting with koji while exploring macrobiotics to ensure a balanced diet. Fermenting brown rice with rice koji  to make amazake is a favorite in her house!

1:00-1:40 S.E. Nash

The intersection of fermentation & art!

S.E. Nash is a visual artist and fermentation experimentalist. A fermentation residency with Sandor Katz in 2014 was the initial catalyst to create sculptures that interact with vessels of fermented foods. Sean was awarded a Rocket Grant Research and Development award in 2017 for his work on Garden Variety Soda Fountain, a sculpture for fermented sodas made with community garden grown ingredients. His 2018 essay “Fermenting Sculptures, Edges and Encounters of the Vessel and the Body,” was published in CuiZine. Nash co-authored the essay “Bubbling Bodies and Queer Microbes: Dispatches from the Foundation of Fermentation Fervor” with Stephanie Maroney, published in Fermenting Feminism. Nash’s upcoming show, Krautsourcing, at Brandeis University’s Kniznick gallery, will be on view from Nov 14, 2019 - Feb 26, 2020. Members of the public are invited to bring a jar of their homemade sauerkraut to the opening on November 14th. He is currently William T. Kemper Visiting Assistant Professor in Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, MO.

2:00 - 3:00pm Kat Bayle

Sourdough bread-baking!

Kat loves sourdough bread. She has made bread in both bakery and restaurant settings in France, Slovenia, San Francisco & Spain, in addition to loaves for pop-ups. She aims to incorporate her knowledge drawn from years as a cook into her baking style. Find her on Instagram at @k.bayle.


3:00 - 4:00pm Camille Tourny

Fermentation & Publishing: come learn all about how to write about & publish stories on our favorite subject!

Camille Tourny has a background in art history and publishing. She is the editor of Fairmentation, an independent magazine exploring the magical world of fermentation.

CTroesser_Kirsten_small - Kirsten Shocke
KBayleBreadHeadshot (1).JPG

photograph by MacKenzie Smith Kelley


2019 Fermentation Help Desk List of Experts

see full bios of each of the experts below

10:00-10:40am         Kirsten K. Shockey

come ask your questions of a fermented food & drink master!

11:00am-12:00pm     Jane Chapin 

koji koji koji!

1:00-1:40                  S.E. Nash

The intersection of fermentation & art!

2:00-3:00pm              Kat Bayle

Sourdough bread-baking!

3:00-4:00pm              Camille Tourny

Fermentation & Publishing: learn how to write about & publish stories on our favorite subject!

2018 Fermentation Help Desk Schedule

10-11am  Sourdough Hour with Richard Miscovich & Andrew Janjigian

11-12pm  Natto Hour with Ann Yonetani

12-1pm    The Microbiome, Digestion & Gut Health Hour with Heather Wise & Catalina Vallejo

1-2pm      Beer Brewing Hour with Matthew Dirckx & Jessica Alexander

2-3pm      Food Photography & Fermentation with Odile Joly-Petit

3-4pm      Dosa Hour with Leda Scheintaub

                    Leda will answer all your dosa questions + she'll have dosa chips & house made chutneys on hand to sample!

2017 Fermentation Help Desk Schedule

10-11   Kirsten & Christopher Shockey of Ferment Works!

11-12   Koji Hour! with Rich Shih

12-1    Adam Elabd

1-2    Jeremy Kean

2-3    Cheryl Paswater

3-4    Fermented Drinks Hour! with Doug Schmidt & Matthew Dirckx of Boston Wort Processors



2016 Fermentation Help Desk Schedule 

10-11   Angela Davis

11-12   Jeffrey Yoskowitz & Jitti Chaithiraphant

12-1    Alex Lewin & Kevin Bonham

1-2    Cheryl Paswater & Derek Dillinger

2-3    Kate Payne & Minnie Luong

3-4    Adam Elabd

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