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why free?

Its a good question -- why put on a *free* fermentation festival? We believe that fermentation is a science, art & practice that is ancient, open-source, and should be shared free to charge! In this case, there IS a free lunch! Come and join us, sample local ferments and share in the education & celebration of all things fermented!

We are able to keep the festival free due to the generous donations of local companies and individuals plus the 40+ volunteers that run the fest every year - see the list of volunteers below. Thank you to all the amazing & creative folks that put their financial & human resources behind running and organizing the Boston Fermentation Festival!


Help keep the festival free! Please consider donating to the festival.

You can do this two ways: by either making a tax deductible donation to Boston Ferments (below) OR becoming a Boston Ferments member. Thank you! 

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