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fermentation collaborations

The 2019 Boston Fermentation Festival will be chock full of cool fermentation themed collaborations! #fermentationcollaboration

IMG_1824 (1).JPG

Real Pickles + Crooked Stick Pops


Get to the Real Pickles booth on the plaza where they will be sampling their world famous pickle pops! [think borscht on a stick!] Get to their booth on the plaza and try them out.

Indigo​ + Levend Bagelry


You will definitely want to check out the fermentation collaboration between Indigo​ and Levend Bagelry. Indigo will have a booth in the Festival Science Corner and Levend is a regular bagel maker in the Boston Public Market. Together, they are creating "double fermented bagels" using Indigo's microbially doctored wheat seeds. Visit Levend's Bakery or Indigo's booth in the Science Corner to sample these collaborative bagels and learn more.  



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